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Good News: We have had the wettest year in a long time. We’ve had more rain and snow in the last 8 months than we’ve had in 5 years previous! We’re looking forward to having a green summer and the dust settling down a bit.

Bad News: All the rain has also helped us find that our gym roof is in need of resurfacing. This is going to cost us about $40,000.

More Good News: The Pikes Peak Church of Christ has offered to match donations up to $20,000! If you’ll donate $1 and designate it for the gym, they will match with $1. If you donate $100, they will match $100. If we can reach our goal of $20,000, they will match it with $20, 000 covering the cost of the repairs completely.

*** DISCLAIMER: As always, if there is more than the specified amount raised for this project, the excess will go into the general fund or be used for other projects.***

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